People understand me so poorly that they don’t even understand my complaint about them not understanding me.
— Søren Kierkegaard

Anonymous said: I am talking to a person with schizophrenia and depression, and at this point, they won't even talk to me because they're having an episode where they are emotionless and won't talk. I really like them, but this is hard. What do I do :/


I got two very similar questions (maybe from the same person?).

I don’t have very much personal experience with schizophrenia but the first thing I would advise is to educate yourself. Education leads to understanding, understanding will help you to help him.


The next thing you can do is just to be there. Be there for him, be ready to listen. However, if things go south make sure to take care of yourself and call emergency services if necessary. Here are some pages written by professionals on how you can more specifically support him.

What you can do to help:

I hope you find something helpful here and I hope things workout for you two!

Anonymous said: I am a gay trans guy bottom. I only want to have sex with guys with a penis that gets hard on it's own and ejaculates semen, it's almost a fetish- I need that kind of penis in order to get turned on. I'm planning on having Phallo on the NHS next year so this isn't about hating on a trans guys penis. I really don't like myself for feeling like this but it feels kind of set in stone. What are your thoughts? (could give more info on what it is I like about them but didn't want to give you tmi)


Preferences exist, for better or for worse. A hypothetical gay guy whose top fantasy was bukkake, and absolutely loved ejaculation, just isn’t going to do well with a trans man. A hypothetical gay guy who wanted a lot of anal (without toys) just isn’t going to do well with a trans man who’s had metoidioplasty.

I don’t think you should be judging yourself so hard. Preferences exist. You didn’t choose them; all you do is work with your preferences to give yourself the happiest love life you could have.

The fact is that the penises from metoidioplasty or phalloplasty are different from non-surgical penises. Everyone’s opinions on this seems to be over on either extreme - either the surgeries are terrible (they’re not), or surgical penises hold near perfect resemblance (they don’t).

You can easily hold more reasonable middle ground - there are differences in surgical penises, both aesthetically and functionally, but this does not mean that they are terrible procedures (as you say, you’re not hating on them). But you’re also not in denial about the existence of those differences. You hold a strong preference to non-surgical penises. In my opinion, there is nothing for you to feel apologetic about. That’s fine.



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i cant even make it past the table of contents im laughing too hard


It’s called “Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No-Bullshit Guide to World Mythology”
By Cory O’Brien, and it looks highly entertaining. :D


Give it here, now.

Sweet Fluffy Gods why is there not an audiobook version?

I need to find this book.

The first time Iv’e wanted to read something since Metro 2033.


guys…look what we did :D

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What fans of L make him look like:


What he really looks like:



together at last

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Grimes - Weregild

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